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Out Of The Box Branding Session | Maine Portrait Photographer  

Branding • April 20, 2022 

An out of the box branding session for a creative soul with many passions. Lauren invited me to her home to capture some life-style photos of her and the things she enjoys the most. The photos would be used for a variety of purposes, including her website where she offers intuitive coaching and tarot readings. Lauren has many hobbies and passions that we wanted to incorporate in these photos to help the her story. We started our session where she spends most of her time – in her writing room where she reads, writes, and meditates surrounded by books, plants, tie-dye tapestry, and her work space.

From there, we transitioned to her porch that is shaded by tall trees and overlooked a field with bright yellow goldenrods swaying in the breeze. We took some candid shots of how she would construct a tarot reading and a day of creative writing on the porch with her favorite coffee mug, followed by unwinding with a little yoga and meditation with her dogs. Next, we headed out to the farm where her and her husband grow free range chickens and cannabis! It was so much fun to switch things up from my typical sessions and take a peek into life on their farm, frolic through the fields, and capture some personality photos for this creative and compassionate lady.

So basically, I am here to tell you that your photos can be whatever you want them to be and they should 100% reflect who you are and what you are passionate about! Can you notice all of the creative and personal touches that we incorporated into these photos?