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Engagement Session in Bar Harbor, Maine

Couples • February 12, 2024 

As a Bar Harbor, Maine wedding photographer, I’m giving my honest thoughts on having a photo session the day you get engaged! There’s been a huge increase in the popularity of having a professional photographer capture your proposal. While that may be great for some, it may not be great for others. An alternative to that would be to have the excitement of the proposal captured later in the day!

Having an engagement photo session on the day you get engaged, instead of photographing the actual proposal, offers its own set of unique benefit that you can read about below!

Relaxed atmosphere:

Often, capturing the actual proposal can be quite intense and emotional for both partners. Thus, opting for an engagement photo session after the proposal allows you to relax and enjoy the moment without the pressure of being in front of a camera. This can lead to more natural and candid photos.

Time to prepare:

Planning a surprise proposal requires a lot of attention to detail. More so, it can often be quite tricky to arrange for a professional photographer to capture the moment discreetly. Given that, scheduling a separate photo session after the proposal, ensures you have enough time to plan and prepare for beautiful photos without the rush.

Opportunity for outfit changes:

On the day of the proposal, you may be dressed casually or not in attire that you’d prefer for professional photos. To be sure everyone is looking and feeling their best, you can dress up and even have the option for outfit changes during a planned session.

Extended celebration:

Why not continue celebrating? More so, the engagement photo session can serve as an extension of the celebration, allowing you to continue basking in the joy of the moment. It provides an opportunity to relive the excitement of the proposal and share your happiness.

Flexibility in timing:

Proposals often happen spontaneously, and it may not always be feasible to have a photographer present at the exact moment. To avoid added stress, scheduling a separate engagement photo session gives flexibility to choose a time that works best for you and the photographer. In addition to that, it’s also ensuring optimal lighting and conditions for stunning photos.

Get Inspired –

This couple had their surprise proposal while watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. Later on that afternoon, they dressed up for an engagement session in Downtown Bar Harbor along the Shore Path to capture the fresh excitement. After their session, they had dinner reservations at the Reading Room in the Bar Harbor Inn. They got to dine and overlook the harbor where we just did their session.

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