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Thinking about having a family session, but can never find the right time? I know it can often be a struggle to get the whole family together, with coordinating schedules and busy lives. So why not do your family photos while you’re on vacation?! Take advantage when you do get the opportunity to all be together, and have it documented in a vacation photo session! Chances are, you’re visiting a pretty area and a local photographer can help you find some great scenery. (And, there’s probably a good chance you’ll have the most unique Christmas card that year 😉 Let’s capture those precious memories that are being made! Below are some tips for planning a session for your vacation…

Tips For Scheduling A Vacation Photo Session:

1. First things first, plan ahead! Once you have your travel dates set, start reaching out to photographers to get pricing quotes and find out their availability during the time you’re visiting. Most photographers book out several months in advance so you will have more options the sooner you reach out.

2. Be flexible! If having photos done on your trip is one of your top priorities, make sure you have a flexible schedule because photographers may have limited availability. Schedule your session, then plan your other vacation activities around that.

3. Keep in mind, weekend dates can often be more expensive or not available at all. Because many photographers need to reserve their weekend dates for weddings (or their personal life), that time is more valuable to them, and can in turn cost a little extra. So if you have the flexibility to book a weekday session, that could save you a little money.

4. Once you book your session, start planning your outfits so that you know what to pack. Figure out if you’ll need to buy anything new, etc. You don’t want to stress about outfit planning, coordinating, and shopping while you’re on vacation. Also be sure to keep in mind the session location and the different climate when choosing your outfits.

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Emily Brianne • February 10, 2023