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Thinking about having a family session, but can never find the right time? I know it can often be a struggle to get the whole family together, with coordinating schedules and busy lives. So why not do your family photos while you’re on vacation?! Take advantage when you do get the opportunity to all be together, and have it documented in a vacation photo session! Chances are, you’re visiting a pretty area and a local photographer can help you find some great scenery. (And, there’s probably a good chance you’ll have the most unique Christmas card that year 😉 Let’s capture those precious memories that are being made! Below are some tips for planning a session for your vacation…

Tips For Scheduling A Vacation Photo Session:

1. First things first, plan ahead! Once you have your travel dates set, start reaching out to photographers to get pricing quotes and find out their availability during the time you’re visiting. Most photographers book out several months in advance so you will have more options the sooner you reach out.

2. Be flexible! If having photos done on your trip is one of your top priorities, make sure you have a flexible schedule because photographers may have limited availability. Schedule your session, then plan your other vacation activities around that.

3. Keep in mind, weekend dates can often be more expensive or not available at all. Because many photographers need to reserve their weekend dates for weddings (or their personal life), that time is more valuable to them, and can in turn cost a little extra. So if you have the flexibility to book a weekday session, that could save you a little money.

4. Once you book your session, start planning your outfits so that you know what to pack. Figure out if you’ll need to buy anything new, etc. You don’t want to stress about outfit planning, coordinating, and shopping while you’re on vacation. Also be sure to keep in mind the session location and the different climate when choosing your outfits.

Thinking about booking a session? Let’s chat!!

Wanna see more vacation sessions? Check out the blog!

Tips & Advice • February 10, 2023 

Tips For Scheduling A Vacation Photo Session


Who doesn’t love saving some money?! And especially on all of the subscriptions needed to run a business. Those add up without you even realizing it. But, they are 100% worth it when they’re necessary for running a successful business with an amazing client experience.

I’ve listed some of my favorite subscriptions below that will help you get your business running smoothly and you + I both will get some savings!! Note: use must sign up with my links listed in order for us to both get the incentives.

Small Business Subscriptions

Client Softwares

Dubsado – client management software. First and foremost, this is how I keep track of all my clients and projects, they are individually organized with all of their details and make online contracts, invoices, and questionnaires SO easy!

20% off first month or year | $35 credit for me

Code: emily


Next, Pixieset – gallery + website host. This is how I deliver all of my client galleries with easy downloading, sharing, and print options. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite print lab for direct print orders. Also, they’ve recently added website and CRM (but I only use the gallery feature).

Plus, we both get additional storage when sign up with my link. Win, win!


Marketing and Website Platforms

Showit – website host. I just switched to showit after using wix for years. I already love it so much better!

One month free for both of us using the link below.


Flodesk – email marketing. Although I haven’t personally used this, I’ve paying for it for a while because I have hopes to set up email marketing at some point. After hearing so many great things about them, and loving the looks of what I saw, I signed up and hope to tackle that project sometime soon!

Get 50% off your first year with my link!

Editing, Albums, and Storage

Backblaze – cloud backup for your computer and external hard drives. I can’t believe how great this is. It is always running in the background backing up files and storing in case they ever need to be recovered. Incredible prices and peace of mind knowing your photos are always backed up somewhere safe!

Free month for both of us!

Another lifesaver is Imagen AI – AI editing that saves SOOO much time and keeps you in control of your style and work. Basically, with a low monthly subscription, you only pay for what you edit after that. A fraction of the time & price of outsourcing with an editor.

Additionally, with my link you get 1500 free edits + some for me too!

Finally, KISS – albums. My favorite album ordering company. Amazing quality and customer service.

$50 each after spending $100

Travel Credit Cards from Chase

Chase Freedom Unlimited – This was the first credit card I ever opened to build credit. Accordingly, I’ve had this card for 8+ years and have loved it! You earn cash back with every purchase and no-annual fee.

Finally is the Chase Sapphire Reserve – has a high annual fee that *almost* scared me away, BUT with all of the incredible travel perks, I think it will be worth it. Especially with all of the trips I have in store this year! I can’t wait to see how it goes.

I hope you found this helpful, feel free to DM me if you have any questions about these things that I love. I hope you enjoy them too! Happy saving!! 🙂

Tips & Advice • February 4, 2023 

Small Business Subscriptions + Travel Credit Card Affiliate Links


A common question that photographers hear – “Do we need to do an engagement session?”

The short answer – it’s not required, but I highly recommend it! Here are FOUR reasons why it’s important:

1. It gives us a chance to meet in person (if we haven’t already). Meeting in person prior to your wedding day is so beneficial and it helps us get to know each other a little bit more!

2. “What if we’ve already done an engagement session with another photographer?” – That’s perfectly fine, but I still recommend doing one with your wedding photographer. Every photographer has a different approach to shooting, posing, lighting, and the overall experience. It gives you some experience in front of my camera! You will be able to get a feel for how I typically shoot, pose, and handle lighting. This will help you know what to expect from me on your wedding day.

3. It will make you feel SO much more comfortable on your wedding day. Like I mentioned above, you will know what to expect from me and my overall experience, it’s basically a practice round for your wedding portraits! Knowing what to expect and having done it before will help ease the anxiety for you and your partner, and you’ll be able to feel more relaxed and comfortable during your wedding portraits! Which in turn, is one less thing for you and your partner to have to worry or think about, it will allow your love and personality to shine through even more in your portraits.

4. Plus, you’ll get some awesome new photos! You can use them for you Save The Dates, around your home, or even as wedding decor.

Check out some of my engagement sessions HERE!


Couples, Tips & Advice • December 1, 2022 

Benefits Of Doing An Engagement Session With Your Wedding Photographer


One of the biggest mistakes that I see from weddings…is planning your ceremony time.

There are lots of factors that come into play when determining the ceremony will begin on your wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, I encourage you to consider the sunset time when choosing your ceremony time. This is especially important for outdoor ceremonies. It is even more important to think about in the fall, with the days getting shorter and shorter. The sun can go down pretty early (especially after daylight savings!).

Keep Sunset Time in Mind

Scheduling your ceremony towards the end of the day allows you to have soft, beautiful lighting in your photos. You often don’t have to worry about squinting or harsh, unflattering shadows on your face. For most wedding days, I typically recommend scheduling your ceremony 2-3 hours before sunset. This way you will get the best natural light for your ceremony and all of the portraits to follow afterwards!

If you schedule your ceremony too close to sunset, you may not have enough daylight for portraits. You want to be sure to capture those just married portraits with your spouse, family, or wedding party. If you want to have your ceremony close to sunset, you may need to consider doing a first look. This way you can do all (or the majority) of your portraits prior to the ceremony. But keep in mind, this would mean that you need to be ready sooner. Your family would also need to arrive sooner to be in those portraits.

If a first look doesn’t seem like a fit, move the ceremony up to ensure sunlight for those portraits!

Every wedding day and every photographer is different. You should definitely check with your photographer about this. They can help you decide the best time of day and amount of time needed for your portraits. Planning your ceremony time and overall timeline planning is something that is offered for all of my wedding couples!

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Tips & Advice, Weddings • September 24, 2022 

Planning Your Ceremony Time | Maine Wedding Photographer 

excited couple wedding ceremony bride and groom


Hey, I’m Emily – Your Local Bar Harbor, Maine Photographer

Growing up near Bar Harbor, it was easy to take advantage of all that it has to offer. It was so easily accessible to my family and often was avoided during the busier months to avoid the crowds of people from away. But that’s not the case for me anymore! After spending a few years living outside of Maine, and traveling to many new places all over the country, I am discovering a new love and admiration for this beautiful little town on the coast of Maine.

Partly because of it’s quaint charm and yummy eats, but also for what it brings me…. It brings me the majority of my portrait clientele! When I’m not photographing weddings, I get the opportunity to meet, photograph, and capture memories for families, couples, and high school seniors visiting from all over the world! And with that, I also get to find and photograph some of the most beautiful views that I’ve ever seen. I love to create the most epic photographs for my clients!

Since the majority of my clients are from away, I’m always getting asked for recommendations, so I thought I’d jot down some of personal favorites and share them with you all! (Please note: this isn’t in any way sponsored or promoted. I just wanted to share some places that I have personally enjoyed.)

A Few Of My Favorite Things To Eat In Bar Harbor –

Side Street Cafe – My most frequent go-to place. I love their mac & cheese, that has the option to add whatever you want to it!! It’s usually pulled pork in the mac for me. They also have a yummy blueberry vodka lemonade 😉

Rosalie’s Pizza – This was a family fav growing up. You can eat in or get it to go and have a picnic nearby at Agamont Park.

Geddy’s – A fun vibe, with great nachos and many other options!

Thirsty Whale – I ate here for the first time this spring and I was not disappointed. My mom and I each had a cup of clam chowder and shared a Captain’s Platter that was full of fresh seafood (haddock, clams, shrimp, scallops).

The Fish House – indoor/outdoor seating near the water with all the seafood options!

Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium – my favorite place for a sweet treat!

Jack Russell’s Steakhouse – If you’re looking for some surf & turf this is a great option just outside of downtown!

Bar Harbor Catering Co. & Abel’s Lobster – perfect for events, dining, and picnics! (pictured below)

Pictures: Luxury Picnic with food from Bar Harbor Catering Co. on handcrafted charcuterie boards from East of Acadia Woodworking, and florals from Floret Maine.

A Few Of My Favorite FREE Things To Do In Bar Harbor –

Walk Around Downtown – lots of different shops on main street, bites to eat, grassy park with waterfront views of lobster boats.

Walk The Shore Path – 1.5 mile paved path along Frenchmen’s Bay that starts in front of The Bar Harbor Inn.

Have A Picnic In The Park – pack a lunch or grab takeout nearby and have a picnic in the grass at Agamont Park.

Drive Through Acadia National Park – you just need a National Park Pass to enjoy some of the most incredible views.

Sand Beach – listen to the waves crashing along the rocky shore as you stroll through the sand, or lay out to catch a tan!

Trails – so many trails! One of my faves is Great Head Trail with amazing views of Sand Beach.

Jordan Pond – walk around the pond, then stop in for tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House.

Sunrise/ Sunset at Cadillac Mountain – drive to the summit of Cadillac Mountain to be the first person to catch the sunrise. They are requiring reservations now, so be sure to check that out in advance.

Pictures: View of the Margaret Todd Schooner from the Bar Harbor Inn, Jordan Pond and Bubble Rocks with fall foliage, Engagement session with Emily Brianne Photography on top of Cadillac Mountain overlooking Frenchmen’s Bay.

A Few More Favs –

Boat Rides – so many to choose from. There are schooner sails, lobster boat tours, and more. The Bar Harbor Whale Watch is the only I’ve used to so far. They offer many trips other than just whale watching. I did the nature cruise last summer and had an awesome time! They have indoor / outdoor seating so you can still enjoy it even if the weather isn’t great.

Scenic Airplane Ride – I did this when I graduated high school almost ten years ago and it was an unforgettable experience with Scenic Flights of Acadia!

Mini GolfPirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is still fun even as an adult. Afterwards, you can head across the road for a bite to eat and some ice cream. The nachos at Mainely Meat are some of my fav! And of course, dessert at Udder Heaven is a must!

Narrated Driving Tours– I haven’t actually done this one myself, but Oli’s Trolley offers lots of tour options for the Bar Harbor and Acadia area!

Luxury Picnic – I recently collaborated with Luxury Picnics Acadia to create the dreamiest picnic inspiration – check that out here. “Relax in luxury as everything from set up, to take down, is done for you…enjoy the scenic views of Downeast Maine, and create a memory not soon forgotten.”

Have Photos Done – How could I forget this one?! I’m a believer in capturing little snippets of every chapter.

Whether you’re celebrating a big milestone, visiting Maine on vacation, or just documenting everyday life – it’s all so special and deserves to be photographed! Plus, you’ll have the most unique holiday card this year! Many couples find this to be the perfect place to propose, elope, or even have their wedding! Check out Emily Brianne Photography.

Pictures: Proposal Inspiration with Luxury Picnics Acadia, Elopement at The Bar Harbor Inn, Family Portraits in Acadia National Park with The Bar Harbor Whale Watch boat in the background.

A Little Extra…

If you’re staying in the area for an extended period of time, I would recommended taking a day trip to Winter Harbor. It’s about an hour drive, to an even smaller, quieter lobster fishing town that has a separate branch of Acadia National Park. This is right next door to where I grew up, so it’s extra special to me.

While you are there… drive through town to check out some of the local shops like the 5&10 and whopaints.

Drive through Acadia on the 6 mile one-way road. You could have a picnic at Frazer Point before you get on the one-way, they have picnic tables and fire pits. Once you’re on the one-way road, there are a couple spots to pull off the road or hike. Definitely stop at Schoodic Point for some amazing views of the rocky coast line and Cadillac Mountain on the horizon. On a nice day, you’ll likely even see some lobster boats with fishermen hard at work.

The Pickled Wrinkle – Once you exit the park, you’re going to come out near one of my favorite restaurants – The Pickled Wrinkle! They have so many yummy seafood (and non-seafood) options to choose from, but my go-to is a crab roll or fried shrimp with sweet potato fries! They offer craft cocktails and local canned brews. Takeout and heated outdoor seating is available!

Me & Ben’s – Right next door to the restaurant is my favorite childhood ice cream shop! The have so many ice cream and dessert options to choose from, my favorite choice is the Maine Black Bear ice cream. While you’re there, be sure to check out East Hope‘s one of a kind earrings & more!

Pictures: Winter Sunset in Bunker’s Harbor, Cliffs in Winter Harbor’s Acadia National Park, Ice Cream from Me & Ben’s During an Engagement Session with Emily Brianne Photography.

I hope you found this helpful and have the best trip! Be sure to follow me on instagram @emilybriannephotography to see what I’m up to next! You can also check out my print shop and order scenic Maine prints for your home!

Tips & Advice • August 10, 2022 

Favorite Things To Do & Eat In Bar Harbor, Maine | From A Local Wedding Photographer


A long weekend spent exploring Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Kennebunkport!

The first stop was in Kennebunkport on our way out of Maine Friday evening. I had a photo session with a couple that was celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary with their new baby. We did the session at The Nonantum Resort, where they got married – you can take a peek at that here.

Before the session, I walked around town a bit, drove through some neighborhoods to admire all of the beautiful homes, and stopped along the way at the George H.W. Bush memorial, and walked along the rocks and beach.

After the session, I was southbound again to make it to Cape Cod for the weekend!

Day One: Started with breakfast at The Original Gourmet Brunch, which was right down the road from the Hyannis Inn, where we were staying. I started with the fried french toast bites, and they were AMAZING, def need to try these. My caffeinated hot chocolate and hearty omelet was great fuel for working a wedding that day.

After the wedding, we stayed in downtown Hyannis for the evening because I was too tired to venture off elsewhere. Started with an early dinner and delicious cocktails at Torino. Afterwards, we walked around downtown to check out all of the shops and strolled past the marina. Finished the evening with dessert on the patio at Colombo’s Cafe & Pastries.

Day Two: I was hoping for a beach day, but I ended up wanting to do more exploring. We ventured all the way down the Cape, stopping in a couple different places along the way. We walked around Downtown Chattham and checked out the fishing pier there.

From there, we went to the lighthouse that is on the bag of Cape Cod Chips (my fav). It’s called Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham. It is such a beautiful lighthouse! This would have been the perfect spot to lay out on the beach at the National Seashore, but I wanted to get going further down the Cape. How beautiful is that shoreline though?!

That afternoon, we made it to Provincetown and it was time to eat! I was dying to eat on the water. So I found one of the few places there, and they squeezed us in on the bar deck railing at Pepe’s Wharf and it was perfect! There was such a nice breeze and pretty view of the water. I enjoyed a frozen vodka lemonade and some fried seafood. We shared fried shrimp and a haddock sandwich that was quite yum!

After lunch, I walked around Ptown, checking out the colorful shops and quirky art along the streets!

Clouds and rain showers started rolling in that afternoon so we weren’t able to catch the sunset, but we still drove out to the very tip just to have a look, then headed back to Hyannis for the evening. That evening we needed a little snack so we shared some delicious mussels from Fresh Ketch and went back to Colombo’s Cafe & Pastries for dessert that we took back to the hotel to eat in bed and pack up for an early morning departure!

Day Three: Martha’s Vineyard! Woke up early to catch a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for the day. We chose the Steamship Authority ferry departing from Falmouth because there were more times, it was cheaper, and it was towards our way back home. There’s a couple of different ferry options to choose from for Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, so be sure to check those out online in advance and figure out which works best for you!

Upon arriving there, we rented bikes from Anderson’s Bike Rentals in Oak Bluffs and they gave us great directions / recommendations on how to spend the day! We biked into Edgartown with beautiful ocean views along the way.

Once we arrived there, we were on a quest to find a lighthouse and this one did not disappoint. It was a short sandy walk through tall grass and rose bushes!

After seeing the lighthouse and biking through some neighborhoods, we went into town and had lunch outside at The Seafood Shanty. We each had clam chowder and shared a captain’s platter with fried haddock, shrimp, and clams. It was all so delicious!!

On our way back into Oak Bluffs, before dropping off our bikes and getting back on the ferry, we stopped to check out the gingerbread houses! So cute and colorful!

It was such a great weekend exploring all of the different little towns and eating yummy foods! So thankful my job presents me with opportunities like this to be able to travel and explore new areas for work. Can’t wait to visit here again!

Follow along on instagram to see where I’m adventuring next!

*All photos taken on an iphone. #maineweddingphotographer #capecodweddingphotographer #marthasvineyardweddingphotographer #newenglandweddingphotographer #travelweddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer

Tips & Advice • May 10, 2022 

Long Weekend In Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard | Traveling Wedding Photographer

cape cod wedding tent nautical sailing flags photographer