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Embrace the Extraordinary: Unique Wedding Ideas for Unforgettable Celebrations

Are you dreaming of a wedding day that breaks away from tradition and embraces the extraordinary? In a world where couples are increasingly seeking unique and personalized experiences, there has never been a better time to think outside the box when it comes to saying “I do.” From breathtaking natural settings to unconventional dining experiences, the possibilities for creating a wedding that truly reflects your love story are endless. Today, we’re exploring one particularly enchanting idea: a micro-wedding in Acadia National Park followed by a family-style pizza dinner at Sweet Pea’s Cafe in Bar Harbor, Maine.

The Magic of Acadia National Park

Nestled along the rugged coast of Maine, Acadia National Park offers a stunning backdrop for couples seeking a wedding that’s both intimate and awe-inspiring. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by towering granite cliffs, pristine forests, and the soothing sounds of crashing waves. Whether you choose to say “I do” atop Cadillac Mountain at sunrise or beneath the lush canopy of a secluded forest glade, Acadia provides a natural canvas for creating unforgettable memories.

Intimacy in Every Detail

One of the defining characteristics of a micro-wedding is its emphasis on intimacy and meaningful connections. With a smaller guest list, couples have the opportunity to focus on the details that matter most to them, whether it’s handwritten vows exchanged in a secluded grove or personalized keepsakes for each attendee. Acadia National Park offers countless picturesque locations for your ceremony, ensuring that every moment is imbued with a sense of wonder and intimacy.

A Deliciously Unconventional Dinner

After exchanging vows in the midst of nature’s splendor, why not continue the celebration with a dining experience that’s as unique as your love story? Picture this: long wooden tables adorned with twinkling lights, surrounded by your closest friends and family members. Instead of a formal sit-down dinner, opt for a family-style feast featuring everyone’s favorite comfort food: pizza!

A family-style pizza dinner is not only delicious and budget-friendly but also encourages conversation and camaraderie among guests. Choose a local pizzeria or catering service (like Sweet Pea’s Cafe) to provide an array of gourmet pizzas, from classic margheritas to inventive toppings inspired by local flavors. Pair it with crisp salads, savory appetizers, and refreshing beverages for a meal that satisfies both the stomach and the soul.

Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

In the end, what truly makes a wedding unforgettable are the moments shared with loved ones and the memories created along the way. By embracing unique ideas like a micro-wedding in Acadia National Park followed by a family-style pizza dinner, couples can craft a celebration that reflects their personalities, values, and love for each other.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an adventure unlike any other, consider stepping off the beaten path and into the extraordinary. Whether you’re exchanging vows atop a mountain peak or savoring slices of pizza beneath the stars, your wedding day is an opportunity to create a story that’s uniquely yours. After all, love is anything but ordinary—why should your wedding be?

Vendors –

Photographer: Emily Brianne Photography

Reception: Sweet Pea’s Cafe

Ceremony: Acadia National Park

First Look Location: Moseley’s Cottage

Hair: Brittany Spence

Flowers: Little Red Flower Truck

Are you considering a unique wedding idea like this? Share your thoughts and let me know what other extraordinary wedding ideas you’re dreaming of here!

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Weddings • February 22, 2024 

Unique Wedding Ideas | Acadia Micro-Wedding | Sweet Pea’s Cafe Reception



A Downtown Freeport, Maine wedding with classic, timeless details infused with fun elements like sunglasses, champagne, a dance party, and a photo booth creates an unforgettable celebration that blends elegance with entertainment. Here’s how you can bring these elements together seamlessly:

  • Classic and Timeless Décor:
    • Incorporate timeless décor elements such as lush floral arrangements, crystal chandeliers, and elegant table settings with fine china and silverware.
  • Fun Sunglasses:
    • Customize the sunglasses with your wedding date, initials, or a fun quote to add a personalized touch.
    • Encourage guests to take photos wearing their sunglasses and share them on social media with a custom hashtag for your wedding.
  • Signature Cocktails:
    • Creating a signature cocktail for your wedding reception is a fantastic way to add a personal touch and impress your guests.
    • Give your signature cocktail a meaningful or fun name that reflects your personalities, love story, or wedding theme. This adds a personal touch and makes the cocktail feel uniquely yours.
  • Dance Party:
    • Hire a professional DJ or live band to keep the dance floor packed with a mix of classic hits and contemporary favorites.
    • Consider adding surprise elements like confetti cannons, glow lights, or a choreographed dance performance to elevate the dance party experience.
  • Photo Booth:
    • Set up a photo booth with a backdrop that complements your wedding theme and décor.
    • Provide a variety of fun props such as oversized sunglasses, hats, boas, and signs with playful messages for guests to use in their photos.
    • Include a digital or printed copy of each photo as a keepsake for guests to take home, along with the option to share their photos on social media.

In Summary –

By combining classic, timeless details with fun elements your wedding will be a memorable celebration that reflects your unique style and personality while ensuring that guests have a fantastic time.

Logistics –

Madison + Dalton had an eight hour wedding day with no first look. All events took place at the same venue so there was no travel time. We had ample getting ready time, and coverage half way through the reception.

Vendors –

Dress and Veil: Wedding Angels

Jewelry: Olive and Piper

Shoe Designer: Betsey Johnson

Florist: Wildflower Floral Design

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Downtown

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Torey, from the venue

Officiant: Family friend

DJ or Band: Double Platinum Celebrations

Cake/desserts: Reilly’s Bakery

Bridesmaids dresses: Azazie

Groomsmen and groom attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations / paper goods: Zola

Hair Artist: Ashlie Voteur

Makeup Artist: Beckah Mitchell

If you’re looking for a photographer who is 100% down to celebrate with you and capture all of the fun, reach out and see if we’re the right vibe for each other!

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Weddings • February 10, 2024 

Classic, Fun Wedding in Downtown Freeport, Maine

wedding ceremony freeport maine photographer


An intimate mountain elopement is always a YES in my book, and the Mountain Top Resort in Chittenden, Vermont is the icing on the cake! If you want the most relaxing elopement, take your two closest on a road-trip, stay at a resort that covers all of your vendor needs, and spend the morning of your wedding day relaxing in the spa.

Mountain Top Resort is just a short drive from the one and only, Woodstock Vermont. It’s nestled in the most serene mountains, surrounded by acres of fields and 360 views. This venue is the perfect to place to host your large weddings in their event barn, or your intimate celebration in their on-site restaurant.

The helpful staff will assist with all of your coordination needs for the special day, including shuttling you around the property – from the horse fields for your first look, to the hilltop ceremony site, and to your lower reception space.

Pro Elopement Tip:

Consider adding special touches to enhance your intimate elopement experience, such as spa treatments, outdoor activities like hiking or skiing, or arranging for a champagne toast or dessert celebration.

Starting the day with a massage and ending with dinner, champagne, and cake made for the most relaxing day for this Maine couple soaking up the quaint Vermont mountain elopement experience.

If you’re looking for a wedding or elopement photographer to help make sure your day is laid-back and fun, you’re in the right place! I will travel all over to make this happen! Click here to connect and chat about your dream destination and intimate mountain elopement!

Elopements, Weddings • February 9, 2024 

Intimate Elopement at Mountain Top Resort | Vermont Wedding



Are you searching for a Mount Desert Island wedding photographer? Look no further than this latest blog post! It’s the turning of the season, where you can feel the crispness in the air. The sun is still beaming down on you though, creating a bit of warmth. The leaves are turning vibrant colors before they soon fall to the ground. We know that cold Maine winter is right around the corner, so we soak in these autumn days as much as possible. 

Similar to the changing of the seasons; a wedding day.

You know that something different is around the corner, what you’ve been relishing in for months will soon be transitioning to something else. You’re soaking in these final moments of the in between. It’s exciting to see what’s to come, but the anticipation can bring some anxiousness as well. 

Embracing the changing of the seasons with the ones who matter most brings even more excitement and a settling of any anxious feelings.

Mount Desert Island Wedding Photographer Inspiration

Gabby and David’s entire wedding day was filled with so much emotion. An overwhelm of anxiousness is common to set in just before your ceremony. The anticipation of seeing your love for the first time as you walk down the aisle with all eyes on you. The overwhelm of excitement and love and giddiness, all piles up. Your closest friends and family support you while prepping for the day, but the true sense of calm becomes so evident when you reach the end of the aisle, finally able to take a breath, and join hands with your fiance. The sense of comfort that your partner can provide is like no other. This was clear as day watching Gabby prepare and embrace these moments. 

As their college friend married them, and they confidently read their vows aloud to each other, there weren’t many dry eyes around. Between the tears, David’s immaculate sense of humor kept the light-hearted feel in the air. As the ceremony concluded and they were pronounced husband and wife, there was a plot twist. Gabby skipped the first kiss and went straight for the shoulder in the biggest hug ever. Like she’d been waiting an eternity for that hug. The relief and comfort poured over her being in her partner’s arms. I truly loved that so much. 

After the ceremony, we let the newlyweds have a private bit of time alone. A few minutes to just soak in the moment, embrace what just went down, and just say hello for the first time all day. This isn’t a part of the day that is usually accounted for (but it should be!). 

Wedding Photography Tip

Pro tip: Determine your plan for when you walk back up the aisle together. Do you want to tuck away for 5-10 minutes alone, do you want to have a receiving line to hug all of your guests, or do you want to circle around and jump right into family photos? Make note of this with your photographer and planner beforehand so we can help accommodate what would feel best for you! 

Their ceremony was planned for the perfect time, after they took a breather together, we jumped right into the warm golden hour light for portraits. We captured the natural beauty of the grounds at Camp Beech Cliff as the leaves showed off their bright oranges and red. The evening went on with more laughs and tears during first dances and heartfelt speeches. Stories were shared around the tables during their family style dinner (pasta, yum!), and memories were made on the dance floor. 

At the end of the day, everybody’s hearts (and bellies) were full and happy – that is truly what it’s all about when you’re celebrating you and your person, and now they have photographs that really showcase all of that. Scroll through to see for yourself!

Ready for your own heartfelt photos? Let’s connect!


Dress: Grayce Bridal

Venue: Camp Beech Cliff

Wedding Planner: Lynette Rodriguez

Officiant: Teri Triciricao

DJ: Bill DaButler

Cake: Orange Cat Cafe

Catering: Big Cat’s Catering

Bridesmaid Dresses: Grayce Bridal

Invitations: Minted

Hair Artist: Christena O Dwyer

Makeup Artist: Mad Hair and Makeup

Rentals: Wallace Events

Weddings • April 10, 2023 

Fall Wedding at Camp Beech Cliff | MDI Wedding Photographer


A cold April day on the coast of Maine – Anna and Ethan’s closest family gathered around them seaside in York, Maine to watch the two become one. I can’t wait to share this Nubble Lighthouse micro wedding on the blog today!

I met Anna 11 years ago during my first year of college in Southern Maine. Her warm soul radiates the moment you meet her. You instantly feel welcome and loved being around her. I can honestly say she is probably the kindest person I know. She has a heart of gold. If I was to describe her in just a short sentence it would be: low-maintenance, heartwarming, and a little bit quirky. Similarly, that is exactly how I would describe their seaside micro-wedding at Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. 

As their immediate family snuggled up around them, one of her best friends officiated the ceremony, another close friend did her makeup for her and helped reapply in the parking lot as the tears streamed down her face after the ceremony. Being part of this intimate time and getting the opportunity to photograph my college roomie and her person was truly such an honor. 

Their unique touches added so much personality to their special day. Anna’s jewelry was heirloom family pieces. They wore matching socks and sandals. They rocked some awesome sunnies and a personalized denim jacket. And they even had custom sugar cookies designed with their name and the lighthouse. The cookie showcased their personalities so well!

Being that it was a mirco-wedding, my time with them was short and sweet. But during that time we captured the ceremony, family portraits, and just married portraits along the shore. It wasn’t until the last ten minutes of their portraits that we started getting rained on. But no fear, I always carry clear umbrellas with me in case of some rain!

Check out how adorable they are! 


Photographer: Emily Brianne Photography

Custom Cookies: Frosted By Abby

Dress: Baltic Born

Sandals: Chacos Sandals

Ceremony: Nubble Light

Weddings • March 6, 2023 

A+E – Nubble Lighthouse Micro Wedding | York, Maine Wedding Photographer


A private residence just a few minutes away from where Alex grew up. As you follow the long grassy path through the field, you get closer and closer to the ocean and the celebration of a lifetime. Let’s just say, this day made me extra happy as an East Blue Hill Maine Wedding Photographer. 

Jessie’s grandfather walked her through the field and down the aisle, where guests, her fiance and their fur baby, Theo, waited patiently for her. The sun was beaming on this hot August day. We occasionally caught a breeze off the water. 

As they exchanged their handwritten vows with each other, their eyes filled with tears and their pup laid patiently at their feet until it was time to walk hand in hand up the aisle with them. 

After portraits were finished, Jessie changed out of her custom made dress into a jumpsuit so she could comfortably enjoy dinner and dancing. The tables were set with antique dishes under the sailcloth tent. Simple touches of elegance and fun filled their space nestled in Curtis Cove.

The night ended with a bang…scroll to the end to check out their personal firework show!


Photographer: Emily Brianne Photography

Dress: Danielle Amato – Hudson George

Florals: Erinn Bridges

Catering: Bianco Catering

Bridesmaid Attire: Birdy Grey

Groomsmen: Henry’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: The Alchemist

Rentals: A Plus Rentals

Are you looking for an East Blue Hill Maine Wedding Photographer?

Weddings • February 28, 2023 

J+A- Swept Away at Windswept | East Blue Hill, Maine Wedding Photographer


After a few pandemic postponements, Jen and Nick were finally able to officially make their family become one. It was so evident how much they value family. Grandpa married them on the lawn of the Bar Harbor Inn overlooking Frenchmans Bay. Nick’s son was overjoyed to see his beautiful new stepmom coming down the aisle with her dad. And the most special part of all was their first dances. It was a gorgeous coastal wedding at Bar Harbor Inn.

Part way through the parent dances, they invited all other mother/sons and father/daughters to join in. But it didn’t stop there…  Since Jen and Nick’s new rescheduled wedding date landed on her parent’s wedding anniversary. She surprised the two of them by playing their wedding song and inviting them out for a dance. Jen and Nick joined them part way through and it’s safe to say there weren’t many dry eyes. 

The scenery that the Bar Harbor Inn offers on the coast of Maine, is hard to beat. The bride and groom tied in classic, minimalist details to compliment the coastal vibes. She gifted each of her bridesmaids an oyster shell trinket dish from Oyster Cottages, which are perfect for holding your jewelry and adding some extra elements in your detail photos. (I even ordered a couple for Christmas gifts!)

Scroll through to see love and coastal touches. 


Photographer: Emily Brianne Photography

Dress Designer: Allure

Dress Place of Purchase: Grayce Bridal and Formal

Florist: Queen Anne’s Flower Shop

Venue: Bar Harbor Inn

DJ/Band: Sanborn Entertainment

Hair Artist: Emily Leach 

Makeup Artist: Brittany Spence 

Oyster Dishes: Alison Brooke Designs

Planning your own coastal wedding at Bar Harbor Inn? Contact me today!

Weddings • February 22, 2023 

J+N- Minimalistic Coastal Wedding at Bar Harbor Inn | Maine Wedding Photographer


Truth bomb, barn weddings aren’t usually my number one choice… Because well, coastal chic is more my style. BUT, let me tell you, this was one of my favorites and the venue doesn’t always matter. Let’s be real, I love being a southern Maine wedding photographer at any venue!

First things first, this entire day was the perfect combination of trendy, yet timeless – and that is what I love so much! Second, all of the attire was absolute fireeee – varying shades and textures of burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, a custom green suit for the groom with his groomsmen matching in floral ties, and best of all… the sparkly jumpsuit that Abby changed into and absolutely rocked at the end of the night (we all know I love me a good jumpsuit)! 

Then we have all of the perfectly organized details that include touches from TSwift and their pup, colorfully muted florals complimented with ferns, lovely September lighting, a whole charcuterie table, and my absolute favorite thing ever *drum roll please* … food trucks! Yeah, you heard that right, food trucks. Mainely Burgers catered their wedding, and it was hands down the best wedding dinner experience I’ve ever had. Instead of waiting to be served at your table, you literally walked up to the window and made your selections. And just when you think it can’t get better than burgers and fries..they rolled in their ice cream truck after dinner. Literally heaven. 

Southern Maine Wedding Photographer

Okay, but on top of all of those personal and thoughtful touches throughout the day, what got me the most was the love that could truly be felt. The tears that filled in everyone’s eyes as Abby’s dad led her to her choked up groom, the most heartfelt vows where they both shared the ways they make each other better and their love of adventure that has built their relationship stronger than ever, the way their siblings shared about them in their speeches and the strong bond that was so evident with her and her nephew. So not only did all of these aspects of the day solidify that Abby + Ben are cool AF, but that these are my type of people. The clients who share similar values as me, and can easily be lifelong friends even after that wedding day has passed. 

All that to say, it’s not necessarily about the venue or look of the day that matters the most. It’s about the relationships and love being celebrated that I get to photograph, the sentimental personal touches, and couples that share similar values as me. 

After a double-header wedding weekend with their fun, trendy day, and the coastal elegance at the Cliff House, I felt a shift in my brand. My creative fire was relit and my core values were shining stronger ever. I felt a push to revamp my brand to incorporate these things that mean the most to me and attract clients who share similar values of family + quality, fun + adventure, and investing in experiences more than things.