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Welcome to my little space on the internet where I share my photographs & client experiences with you! 

Here you will find highlights of weddings, elopements, engagements, and families. This is a great way to get a feel for my style of posing, lighting, locations, and some inspiration for your own time in front of my camera. I also have a little section of helpful tips & advice about sessions, weddings, and travels! 

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B+M – Adventurous Acadia National Park Elopement | Bar Harbor, Maine Wedding Photographer

Elopements • January 15, 2023 

Brianne and Mark thought they could escape September hurricane weather in Florida, but believe it or not – our scheduled elopement day was a complete wash because even in Maine we still get effects from the hurricanes down south. 

With the extreme winds and rain forecasted for their outdoor elopement day, we all decided it would be best to shift to the following day. Since it was just the two of them, they had the flexibility to reschedule to a new day. And fortunately, I had availability in my schedule to make that happen and I was able to share their elopement experience in the morning, before having a second one later that afternoon. That is a big perk of elopements – since you’re not accommodating other guests you have so much flexibility for your timing, the activities you want to do, and creating a day tailored to you. 

We all met at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, and they led us to a spot they had picked out for their ceremony. It was tucked off of the walking path to provide a little more privacy and better views of Bubble Rocks in the background. Fortunately the rain had passed, but the extreme winds stuck around. The gale force winds ripping off of Jordan Pond, created white caps on the water making it look like the ocean. It was cold, it was windy, but it was spectacular. Mother Nature’s forceful surprises truly added to the adventure. 

In true elopement fashion, their officiant Rev. Erika Hewitt, stopped two hikers passing by before we got started to ask if they would be witnesses to this marriage. They graciously agreed and we got started with their meaning ceremony. 

In lieu of their family being present with them, their parents wrote letters for Bri and Mark to read to each other. Their eyes filled with tears hearing the kind words their family had for them. I personally loved this idea so much. I think it’s an incredible way to include loved ones and add even more sentiment to your elopement experience. 

In addition, prior to their trip to Maine, Rev. Erika gave them the suggestion to fill a jar with little collections throughout their trip. The jar was filled with stones from the shore, leaves from their walks, blooms from her bouquet, and best of all – a whisker from their beloved kitty who didn’t make the trip to Maine from Florida. This one pulled at cat mama heart strings! Now, in addition to their photographs and heirloom albums, they have this tiny little jar filled with sentiment to help remember their elopement trip. 

What ways will you add sentiment into your special day? Scroll through the photos for some inspiration! 


A+N – Luxury Elopement in Acadia National Park | Bar Harbor, Maine Wedding Photographer

Elopements • January 14, 2023 

Luxury meets adventure in Acadia National Park… This glamorous couple chose outfits that were still similar to your traditional wedding attire. Nick was in a full suit and tie with a boutonniere, and Amber wore a long sleeve white gown that flowed so perfectly in the wind. Being a professional cosmetologist in Clearwater Florida, Amber did all of her own hair and makeup flawlessly. Her simple jewelry paired so perfectly with the elegant glam and bridal bouquet that complimented the colors of the cold Atlantic ocean. 

Amber and Nick traveled to Maine, fully trusted me (who they’d never met before), to pick her up from her hotel in Downtown Bar Harbor and drive her to meet Nick in the National Park so they could see each other for a first look. I prepped them in advance on where he should stand and face at Sand Beach so that she could walk down the stairs and reveal her gown to him. After we spent a little bit of time at Sand Beach for some portraits, they followed me to our next spot, which was a little hidden gem I keep up my sleeve and they hadn’t seen before. I led them down a steep path through the evergreens, where we landed at a small, secluded spot on the pink granite cliffs of Acadia. It towered over a pebble cove where you can hear the waves crashing and rolling the rocks against each other as they are going in and out. The peaceful sounds of nature paired with the crisp salty air blowing across the water and onto your cheeks made for the most serene spot to share handwritten vows.  

As Amber + Nick read from their custom vow books, I wasn’t able to hear what they were saying, but I could tell by their expressions that it was filled with lots of love, emotion, and happiness. Once they sealed the deal with the exchange of wedding bands and a first kiss, we spent some more time rock hopping along the rigid coast of Maine. 

While they may live in Florida now, they chose Acadia because its scenery reminded them of Nick’s hometown in Alaska. During our few short hours together, they told me all about their love story, how they met, and the things they love the most. (Hearing about their travels and their trip to Alaska together, has me even more excited for my trip there in August of 2023!)

We finished up our time together back in Downtown Bar Harbor, at the hotel they were staying at. The architecture and grounds of The Bar Harbor Regency created a slight European with classic elegance. 

This is the perfect example of being able to have a luxury wedding experience with fun and adventure as well. From just a couple of phone calls, emails and questionnaires we had already got a sense of each other’s personalities so when we met for the first time on the day of their elopement, there was no feeling of awkwardness. There was an instant connection that made it so easy to talk to each other and learn more and more about them as we spent that time together. In result, we created timeless photographs that are classy and packed with adventure, truly reflecting their love story and our full elopement experience that we created together. 

Who knew climbing through nature in a wedding and hiking boots could look so fabulous?! 



Adventurous Anniversary Session | Acadia National Park Photographer

Couples • October 8, 2021 

Samantha and Daniel showed up to their session looking like they were straight out of an Eddie Bauer magazine, and I absolutely loved it!! I am all about choosing clothes that feel like YOU. They have a yearly tradition of having anniversary photos taken, and this year they were visiting Bar Harbor to celebrate their anniversary doing lots of hiking, so the outfits fit the occasion…and it’s a good thing too – it was quite windy & chilly for these Texans!

I just love the adventurous vibes of this session, scroll through and check out our fun session.

“We knew we wanted pictures in beautiful Acadia, but weren’t sure exactly where since we weren’t familiar with the area. Emily offered suggestions based on what scenery we were looking for in the photos and even gave some outfit tips (my husband and I actually changed outfits at the last minute due to windy/cold weather that we hadn’t quite anticipated). She did a great job before the shoot of trying to get a feel for our style, which I think really helped us feel comfortable during our shoot.

When we finally got to meet her the day of the shoot, she was friendly and provided great direction (especially to two awkward people who never quite know how to pose in photos). She made sure to ask our input about ideas/suggestions throughout the shoot, but honestly she was confident enough that we trusted her to make many of the calls (and we’re glad we did!).

The final photos were GORGEOUS. Overall we had a great experience with Emily and would highly recommend her to capture your special moments!”

Samantha & Daniel


Family Portraits on Rocky Coast | Acadia National Park Photographer

Family • September 6, 2020 

I low-key squealed with excitement when I saw the Zimmerman family show up in these outfits. So many cute little details and accessories, yet still coordinating so perfectly!!! The weather, however, was not so perfect. There were off and on rain showers throughout the day, but this was the only day that our schedules lined up while they were vacationing in Bar Harbor. So, we waited out the rain a bit, and snuck in some INCREDIBLE family portraits in between rain showers. And it was soooo worth it. The fog and hazy sky made for some super cool photos on the rocky shoreline in Acadia National Park. This fam absolutely killed this session – check out their adorable outfits…oh, and the Bar Harbor Whale Watch boat appeared at just the right time to get in the back of a photo.

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