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Here you will find highlights of weddings, elopements, engagements, and families. This is a great way to get a feel for my style of posing, lighting, locations, and some inspiration for your own time in front of my camera. I also have a little section of helpful tips & advice about sessions, weddings, and travels! 

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J+A- Swept Away at Windswept | East Blue Hill, Maine Wedding Photographer

Weddings • February 28, 2023 

A private residence just a few minutes away from where Alex grew up. As you follow the long grassy path through the field, you get closer and closer to the ocean and the celebration of a lifetime. Let’s just say, this day made me extra happy as an East Blue Hill Maine Wedding Photographer. 

Jessie’s grandfather walked her through the field and down the aisle, where guests, her fiance and their fur baby, Theo, waited patiently for her. The sun was beaming on this hot August day. We occasionally caught a breeze off the water. 

As they exchanged their handwritten vows with each other, their eyes filled with tears and their pup laid patiently at their feet until it was time to walk hand in hand up the aisle with them. 

After portraits were finished, Jessie changed out of her custom made dress into a jumpsuit so she could comfortably enjoy dinner and dancing. The tables were set with antique dishes under the sailcloth tent. Simple touches of elegance and fun filled their space nestled in Curtis Cove.

The night ended with a bang…scroll to the end to check out their personal firework show!


Photographer: Emily Brianne Photography

Dress: Danielle Amato – Hudson George

Florals: Erinn Bridges

Catering: Bianco Catering

Bridesmaid Attire: Birdy Grey

Groomsmen: Henry’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: The Alchemist

Rentals: A Plus Rentals

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J+N- Minimalistic Coastal Wedding at Bar Harbor Inn | Maine Wedding Photographer

Weddings • February 22, 2023 

After a few pandemic postponements, Jen and Nick were finally able to officially make their family become one. It was so evident how much they value family. Grandpa married them on the lawn of the Bar Harbor Inn overlooking Frenchmans Bay. Nick’s son was overjoyed to see his beautiful new stepmom coming down the aisle with her dad. And the most special part of all was their first dances. It was a gorgeous coastal wedding at Bar Harbor Inn.

Part way through the parent dances, they invited all other mother/sons and father/daughters to join in. But it didn’t stop there…  Since Jen and Nick’s new rescheduled wedding date landed on her parent’s wedding anniversary. She surprised the two of them by playing their wedding song and inviting them out for a dance. Jen and Nick joined them part way through and it’s safe to say there weren’t many dry eyes. 

The scenery that the Bar Harbor Inn offers on the coast of Maine, is hard to beat. The bride and groom tied in classic, minimalist details to compliment the coastal vibes. She gifted each of her bridesmaids an oyster shell trinket dish from Oyster Cottages, which are perfect for holding your jewelry and adding some extra elements in your detail photos. (I even ordered a couple for Christmas gifts!)

Scroll through to see love and coastal touches. 


Photographer: Emily Brianne Photography

Dress Designer: Allure

Dress Place of Purchase: Grayce Bridal and Formal

Florist: Queen Anne’s Flower Shop

Venue: Bar Harbor Inn

DJ/Band: Sanborn Entertainment

Hair Artist: Emily Leach 

Makeup Artist: Brittany Spence 

Oyster Dishes: Alison Brooke Designs

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Tips For Scheduling A Vacation Photo Session

Tips & Advice • February 10, 2023 

Thinking about having a family session, but can never find the right time? I know it can often be a struggle to get the whole family together, with coordinating schedules and busy lives. So why not do your family photos while you’re on vacation?! Take advantage when you do get the opportunity to all be together, and have it documented in a vacation photo session! Chances are, you’re visiting a pretty area and a local photographer can help you find some great scenery. (And, there’s probably a good chance you’ll have the most unique Christmas card that year 😉 Let’s capture those precious memories that are being made! Below are some tips for planning a session for your vacation…

Tips For Scheduling A Vacation Photo Session:

1. First things first, plan ahead! Once you have your travel dates set, start reaching out to photographers to get pricing quotes and find out their availability during the time you’re visiting. Most photographers book out several months in advance so you will have more options the sooner you reach out.

2. Be flexible! If having photos done on your trip is one of your top priorities, make sure you have a flexible schedule because photographers may have limited availability. Schedule your session, then plan your other vacation activities around that.

3. Keep in mind, weekend dates can often be more expensive or not available at all. Because many photographers need to reserve their weekend dates for weddings (or their personal life), that time is more valuable to them, and can in turn cost a little extra. So if you have the flexibility to book a weekday session, that could save you a little money.

4. Once you book your session, start planning your outfits so that you know what to pack. Figure out if you’ll need to buy anything new, etc. You don’t want to stress about outfit planning, coordinating, and shopping while you’re on vacation. Also be sure to keep in mind the session location and the different climate when choosing your outfits.

Thinking about booking a session? Let’s chat!!

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Small Business Subscriptions + Travel Credit Card Affiliate Links

Tips & Advice • February 4, 2023 

Who doesn’t love saving some money?! And especially on all of the subscriptions needed to run a business. Those add up without you even realizing it. But, they are 100% worth it when they’re necessary for running a successful business with an amazing client experience.

I’ve listed some of my favorite subscriptions below that will help you get your business running smoothly and you + I both will get some savings!! Note: use must sign up with my links listed in order for us to both get the incentives.

Small Business Subscriptions

Client Softwares

Dubsado – client management software. First and foremost, this is how I keep track of all my clients and projects, they are individually organized with all of their details and make online contracts, invoices, and questionnaires SO easy!

20% off first month or year | $35 credit for me

Code: emily


Next, Pixieset – gallery + website host. This is how I deliver all of my client galleries with easy downloading, sharing, and print options. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite print lab for direct print orders. Also, they’ve recently added website and CRM (but I only use the gallery feature).

Plus, we both get additional storage when sign up with my link. Win, win!


Marketing and Website Platforms

Showit – website host. I just switched to showit after using wix for years. I already love it so much better!

One month free for both of us using the link below.


Flodesk – email marketing. Although I haven’t personally used this, I’ve paying for it for a while because I have hopes to set up email marketing at some point. After hearing so many great things about them, and loving the looks of what I saw, I signed up and hope to tackle that project sometime soon!

Get 50% off your first year with my link!

Editing, Albums, and Storage

Backblaze – cloud backup for your computer and external hard drives. I can’t believe how great this is. It is always running in the background backing up files and storing in case they ever need to be recovered. Incredible prices and peace of mind knowing your photos are always backed up somewhere safe!

Free month for both of us!

Another lifesaver is Imagen AI – AI editing that saves SOOO much time and keeps you in control of your style and work. Basically, with a low monthly subscription, you only pay for what you edit after that. A fraction of the time & price of outsourcing with an editor.

Additionally, with my link you get 1500 free edits + some for me too!

Finally, KISS – albums. My favorite album ordering company. Amazing quality and customer service.

$50 each after spending $100

Travel Credit Cards from Chase

Chase Freedom Unlimited – This was the first credit card I ever opened to build credit. Accordingly, I’ve had this card for 8+ years and have loved it! You earn cash back with every purchase and no-annual fee.

Finally is the Chase Sapphire Reserve – has a high annual fee that *almost* scared me away, BUT with all of the incredible travel perks, I think it will be worth it. Especially with all of the trips I have in store this year! I can’t wait to see how it goes.

I hope you found this helpful, feel free to DM me if you have any questions about these things that I love. I hope you enjoy them too! Happy saving!! 🙂


J+D – Brewery Hopping Engagement Session | Portland Wedding Photographer

Couples • February 3, 2023 

This Brewery Hopping Engagement Session was one for the books! Let me tell you how this all came to life. Their wedding day was right around the corner, and we still hadn’t done their engagement session yet. This may not sound like a big deal, but I always find engagement photos with your photographer important. Why? Well, it gives us the chance to meet and get to know each other before the big day. More importantly, it allows you to get a feel for my approach to shooting, posing, and how I handle lighting. 

Between our busy schedules, and us living a few states away, they weren’t sure if it could work. Totally understandable, wedding planning can be a lot! I started brainstorming some ideas to find a way for this work. After reviewing their notes from our phone consult, I remembered that they love trying out different breweries. Coincidentally, I had just discovered some breweries and fell in love with their fun aesthetic. Instantly, my creative juices started flowing and piecing together a vision that I low-key dreamt up a few months ago. I messaged them right away proposing that we meet halfway (in Portland) and do their session at these awesome breweries. They immediately loved that idea for a little weekend away in the midst of the wedding planning busyness. To top it off – Jess was able to schedule her wedding hair and makeup trail nearby, on the same day.

Portland, Maine Engagement Photos

We spent the first half of the session at Bissell Brothers in Portland. They had a couple drinks to take the edge off (liquid courage is always encouraged). That made for some cute candids with the brewery as a backdrop. A warm Saturday in November had everyone out and about. So once they finished their drinks we hopped over a few streets to Apres (currently my fav place + drink). We started outside on the artsy streets of downtown Portland. We luckily snagged one of the awesome spots to sit inside so they could set up their game of cribbage. Between little bursts of photos, the three of us just hung out and got to know each other. So many laughs were had! 

Truthfully, I am so glad this session was able to happen. Not only was it refreshing for my creative soul, but I also really got to know Derek and Jess on more of a personal level. They told me their story and let me in on some inside jokes. She shared the sentimental story of her grandfather teaching her how to play cribbage as she casually pulled the whole board out of her purse, and we all laughed about how our dads are so similar when it comes to getting them to cooperate for family photos. When their small, intimate wedding day rolled around a month later, I truly felt like I was there hanging out with friends that I’d known for so long.  

So, if you’re thinking that you don’t really need an engagement session – let this be your sign to just do it! At the very least, it will be worth it to feel relaxed and comfortable with your wedding photographer on your wedding day. 

And also, don’t be afraid to make your session unique and fun!


B+M – Acadia National Park Adventure Elopement | Bar Harbor, Maine Wedding Photographer

Elopements • January 19, 2023 

Brianne and Mark thought they could escape September hurricane weather in Florida. Believe it or not, our scheduled elopement day was a complete wash. Even in Maine we still get effects from the hurricanes down south. But we still managed to get their Acadia National Park adventure elopement in the following day!

Since it was just the two of them, they had the flexibility to reschedule to a new day. Fortunately, I had availability in my schedule to make that happen before another elopement later that afternoon. That is a big perk of elopements! You have flexibility for your timing, activities that you want, and a day tailored to your wants. 

Jordan Pond Elopement

We all met at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. They led us to a spot they had picked out for their ceremony. It was tucked off of the walking path to provide a little more privacy and better views of Bubble Rocks. Fortunately the rain had passed, but the extreme winds stuck around. The gale force winds ripping off of Jordan Pond created white caps on the water. It was cold and windy, but it was spectacular. Mother Nature’s forceful surprises truly added to the adventure. 

In true elopement fashion, their officiant Rev. Erika Hewitt, stopped two hikers to ask if they would be witnesses. They graciously agreed, and we got started with their meaning ceremony. 

In lieu of their family being present, they wrote letters for Bri and Mark to read to each other. Their eyes filled with tears hearing the kind words their family had for them. I personally loved this idea so much. I think it’s an incredible way to include loved ones and add even more sentiment to your elopement experience. 

Prior to their trip to Maine, Rev. Erika suggested they fill a jar with mementos from their trip. The jar was filled with stones from the shore, leaves from their walks, and blooms from her bouquet. Best of all, they included a whisker from their beloved kitty who didn’t make the trip from Florida. This one pulled at my cat mama heart strings! Now, in addition to their photographs and heirloom albums, they have this little jar to help remember their elopement. 

What ways will you add sentiment into your special day? Scroll through the photos for some inspiration! 

Did you enjoy this Acadia National Park adventure elopement? If so, you will love this Coastal Wedding in Maine.


A+N – Luxury Elopement in Acadia National Park | Bar Harbor, Maine Wedding Photographer

Elopements • January 14, 2023 

Luxury meets adventure here in Bar Harbor, Maine. This glamorous couple chose outfits that were still similar to traditional wedding attire. Nick was in a full suit and tie with a boutonniere, and Amber wore a long sleeve white gown that flowed so perfectly in the wind. Being a professional cosmetologist in Clearwater Florida, Amber did all of her own hair and makeup flawlessly. Her simple jewelry paired so perfectly with the elegant glam and bridal bouquet that complimented the colors of the cold Atlantic ocean. It was the perfect luxury elopement in Acadia National Park!

Amber and Nick traveled to Maine, fully trusted me (even before meeting me), to pick her up from her hotel in Downtown Bar Harbor. I drove her to meet Nick in the National Park so they could see each other for a first look. I prepped them in advance on where he should stand and face at Sand Beach. She walked down the stairs to reveal her gorgeous gown to him. After we spent a little bit of time at Sand Beach for some portraits, they followed me to our next spot. It was a little hidden gem I keep up my sleeve. They hadn’t seen before. I led them down a steep path through the evergreens where we landed at a small, secluded spot on the pink granite cliffs of Acadia. It towered over a pebble cove where you can hear the waves crashing and rolling the rocks against each other. The peaceful sounds of nature paired with the crisp salty air blowing across the water and onto your cheeks made for the most serene spot. Here they shared their beautiful handwritten vows.  

Bar Harbor Elopement

As Amber + Nick read from their custom vow books, I wasn’t able to hear what they were saying. But I could tell by their expressions that it was filled with lots of love, emotion, and happiness. They sealed the deal with the exchange of wedding bands and a first kiss. Then, we spent some more time rock hopping along the rugged coast of Maine. 

While they may live in Florida now, they chose Acadia because its scenery reminded them of Nick’s hometown in Alaska. During our few short hours together, they told me all about their love story, how they met, and the things they love the most. (Hearing about their travels and their trip to Alaska together, has me even more excited for my trip there in August of 2023!)

We finished up our time together back in Downtown Bar Harbor, at the hotel they were staying at. The architecture and grounds of The Bar Harbor Regency created a slight European with classic elegance. 

This is the perfect example of being able to have a luxury wedding experience with fun and adventure as well. From just a couple of phone calls, emails and questionnaires we had already got a sense of each other’s personalities so when we met for the first time on the day of their elopement, there was no feeling of awkwardness. There was an instant connection that made it so easy to talk to each other and learn more and more about them as we spent that time together. We created timeless photographs that are classy and packed with adventure, truly reflecting their love story and our full elopement experience that we created together. 

Who knew climbing through nature in wedding attire and hiking boots could look so fabulous?! 



A+B – Trendy, Yet Timeless Fall Wedding | Southern Maine Wedding Photographer

Weddings • January 10, 2023 

Truth bomb, barn weddings aren’t usually my number one choice… Because well, coastal chic is more my style. BUT, let me tell you, this was one of my favorites and the venue doesn’t always matter. Let’s be real, I love being a southern Maine wedding photographer at any venue!

First things first, this entire day was the perfect combination of trendy, yet timeless – and that is what I love so much! Second, all of the attire was absolute fireeee – varying shades and textures of burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, a custom green suit for the groom with his groomsmen matching in floral ties, and best of all… the sparkly jumpsuit that Abby changed into and absolutely rocked at the end of the night (we all know I love me a good jumpsuit)! 

Then we have all of the perfectly organized details that include touches from TSwift and their pup, colorfully muted florals complimented with ferns, lovely September lighting, a whole charcuterie table, and my absolute favorite thing ever *drum roll please* … food trucks! Yeah, you heard that right, food trucks. Mainely Burgers catered their wedding, and it was hands down the best wedding dinner experience I’ve ever had. Instead of waiting to be served at your table, you literally walked up to the window and made your selections. And just when you think it can’t get better than burgers and fries..they rolled in their ice cream truck after dinner. Literally heaven. 

Southern Maine Wedding Photographer

Okay, but on top of all of those personal and thoughtful touches throughout the day, what got me the most was the love that could truly be felt. The tears that filled in everyone’s eyes as Abby’s dad led her to her choked up groom, the most heartfelt vows where they both shared the ways they make each other better and their love of adventure that has built their relationship stronger than ever, the way their siblings shared about them in their speeches and the strong bond that was so evident with her and her nephew. So not only did all of these aspects of the day solidify that Abby + Ben are cool AF, but that these are my type of people. The clients who share similar values as me, and can easily be lifelong friends even after that wedding day has passed. 

All that to say, it’s not necessarily about the venue or look of the day that matters the most. It’s about the relationships and love being celebrated that I get to photograph, the sentimental personal touches, and couples that share similar values as me. 

After a double-header wedding weekend with their fun, trendy day, and the coastal elegance at the Cliff House, I felt a shift in my brand. My creative fire was relit and my core values were shining stronger ever. I felt a push to revamp my brand to incorporate these things that mean the most to me and attract clients who share similar values of family + quality, fun + adventure, and investing in experiences more than things. 

“I could not recommend Emily more! Emily shot our wedding and engagement photos and we could not be happier! She is the perfect combination of professional and fun to be around. She makes each session feel comfortable and easy! She is so great at prompting you and posing you to get natural and comfortable looking photographs. We are so glad we booked Emily for our big day and will certainly use her again for any photography needs!”

Abby & Ben



C+J – Catholic Church & Bar Harbor Inn Wedding | Coastal Maine Wedding Photographer

Weddings • January 5, 2023 

Texas meets coastal Maine. Caitlin and Jake were stationed in the desert of Texas and planned a destination wedding to Bar Harbor, Maine. With Jake’s roots in Maine and their love for the coast, they wanted a Bar Harbor Inn wedding. It was the perfect place to celebrate with their friends and family! 

The day started early with hair and makeup by the talented Brittany and Julia. They glammed the ladies up and incorporated some custom hair pieces created by Little Red Flower Truck. Fun fact, they grew and designed all of the one of a kind floral arrangements throughout the day. 

While guests gathered at the nearby Catholic church in downtown Bar Harbor, Cailtin and her ladies slipped into dresses with different shades of blue, and tan shawls to tie together the coastal feels. 

Bar Harbor Inn Wedding

After their traditional wedding ceremony at the Holy Redeemer, guests were shuttled back to the Bar Harbor Inn just a few minutes away where they indulged in delicious hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails named after their pets. We did portraits all around the grounds of the inn and along the Shore Path before they entered their reception right into their first dance and parent dances. 

Just because this was a mid-day wedding, there was no shortage of dancing and good times once the dance floor opened up. Check out all of the exquisite florals and fun that was had before they celebrated the rest of the evening in bouncing around Downtown Bar Harbor!

Fun fact: Caitlin + Jake share a love of adventure just like me. We did their engagement session on one of their trips to Maine, and it ended up raining for the majority of the session but they completely embraced it and had fun with it. AND during my road-trip around the country in 2022, they met me at White Sands National Park for a fun adventure session playing in the snow like sand of New Mexico!



H+J – Coastal Wedding at the Cliff House Resort in Maine

Weddings • December 29, 2022 

The coastal wedding of my dreams. This luxury venue nestled atop the cliffs of Southern Maine offers panoramic ocean views for a jaw dropping ceremony and reception. The Cliff House resort is a luxury venue like no other. 

With Hannah’s background in event planning and Jason’s goofiness in their relationship, I just knew this wedding day was going to be the perfect balance of elegant and fun. The details of this day were classic and tasteful. They weren’t lacking, but they weren’t over the top. The impeccable scenery that the coast of Maine offers truly doesn’t need much to compliment it. Hannah did the perfect job dreaming this up and Salty & Sweet Events brought the vision to life so flawlessly. 

Wedding at the Cliff House Resort

While Hannah and her besties got ready in the Cliff House bridal suite, I created flatlays of her details on the balcony overlooking the water. As she eagerly awaited her first look, she began putting all of those details on – the jewelry, the shoes, the unique scent she chose for this day. Her tight red curls fell so perfectly against the lace details of her minimally elegant gown and then it was time for the big reveal with her soon-to-be husband. 

I positioned Jason facing the water while he anxiously awaited his soon-to–be bride coming down the steep steps onto the rigid cliffs. This was where they’d see each other for the first time – privately, in their attire, all done up and ready for the big day. The excitement of seeing each other quickly relieved their anxiousness. After they shared a few moments alone, checking out each other’s outfits and saying hello, we dove right into portraits. We began with a few of the soon-to-be newlyweds against the Bald Head Cliff as the waves crashed in front of them. 

Wedding First Looks

Pro tip: Doing a “first look” with your significant other allows you to see each other and take the edge off before your ceremony. Not only do you get to share some quality time together, it’s also the perfect way to begin some portraits with you, your families, and wedding party – which then allows more time after the ceremony for portraits or joining your guests at cocktail hour like Hannah and Jason did!

As Hannah’s dad walked her down the aisle, she had the view of her future husband and his son, her family members eyes filled with tears, and the beautiful blue ocean directly behind them. Her brother married them and they exchanged vows filled with sentiment and laughter. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, the lighting was perfect to finish up the remaining family portraits and the just married portraits of the two of them before they joined their guests at cocktail hour! 

As they entered The Atlantic Ballroom, they saw their reception space dreams come to life. All of the details meticulously arranged, the one of a kind lights hanging above the dance floor, and the glass-sided wall overlooking the resort offered picturesque views of the cotton candy colored skies as the sun crept further and further down. 

Ditch the Traditions

I’m a big supporter of cutting out any wedding day traditions that don’t feel like you. Hannah and Jason weren’t afraid to do that. They did have excellent welcome speeches and toasts before dinner, and then they danced the night away with a live band and their closest people. 

In between all of these moments, I truly felt like I was hanging out with friends that I’d known forever, yet we’d only met one other time at their engagement session. Hannah treated me like one of the besties and Jason wasn’t afraid to hold back on witty jokes. We shared lots of laughs and some of our inside jokes, while creating lasting memories and photographs. 

This trendy, yet timeless day was truly one for the books. I found my dream clients, my dream venue, and lifelong friends. This just goes to show that you can have a classic, elegant day and still have so much fun! You just have to see for yourself.